The art of expression

Today I thought I would just ramble a little about what art is or at least our perceptions of art. I think in many ways art can be addressed as an expression of ourselves. Whatever the said piece of art may be there is an expression there. It may not be a direct personification of the artist themselves but it will most definitely be an expression or in other terms – an observation, feeling, understanding or interpretation. In this sense art can always be connected back to the artist behind it. If we consider this view point then we can see expressions of art wherever we look. Graffiti, crafts, music, photography, drama/dance, cinematography, digital expressions and more traditionally paintings. From the things people cook, what they wear, the designs of their homes, the things they collect to what they write can all be classed as a form of artistic expression. To be clear though, I do think there has to be some intent there so in order for what someone cooks to be classed as art they have to have put some thought into it!!! It is then not merely the act of doing something that creates art but the thoughts and processes leading up to it.



Some people may like to argue that art is more specific than this and cannot just relate to the everyday but if my initial definition stands true then art is in fact all around us. Art will always be subjective because of the very nature of what it is, expression is personal and will be very different to another’s but it is that which makes art so exciting. Art should not be categorised or controlled by anything and therefore limitless as a concept, meaning that people are constantly pushing the boundaries of expression and the very definition of art. I can literally feel the anger and tension around me as art buffs scorn at my liberal remarks but I don’t see why we would consider art in any other way. The concept of which is something very unique to human beings and the idea of being able to express ourselves so freely should be embraced rather than controlled…  

I would of course love to know what people think of my ‘ramblings’ - that is all they are so don’t judge me too harshly! ;-)