Talavera Planters & Garden Art

Talavera Planters & Garden Art

I’m guessing some people reading this article are going to ask the question, “What on Earth is a Talavera Planter?”. For those of you asking that question, here’s a basic explanation. They are floor pots of varying sizes that have been decorated with beading and nice bright, Mexican colours. You can check out Talavera Planter classified ads to see what kind of thing I’m talking about. They may not be for everyone but I guess it helps for me that I have a little bit of Mexican in my distant ancestry. Maybe it’s just because I’m into my art and I love anything with patterns and colours, that kind of thing.

Talavera Planter


Brightening up the Garden

Now me and my best friend have moved into our own flat, we get chance to flex our artistic muscles to decorate the place and make it look cool. We’ve already started painting the walls in funky colours and have done some cool projects to brighten up some of the old furniture that we got given by various family members. Well, I say we were given them. Every time we go to a relative’s house, we start eyeing up anything that we could funk up with a bit of paint so sometimes I’m sure our begging means that we get given things that they don’t really want to let go of. But hey, at least they are getting an update and a new lease of life. Back to the garden, which is what I really want to talk about. My housemate has left me in charge of the garden as I like gardening and landscaping more than she does. She prefers letting rip on the interior of the house. So I’ve been thinking about ways we can add plenty of colour and that’s where Talavera Planters come in. I’ve been scouring the internet for the best bargains online so that we can get a load of these planters to scatter around. I’ve also bought some plain clay pots that I’m going to paint up myself. Some of the Talavera’s I might repaint too just to put my own stamp on things.

Talavera Flowerpot

Where to buy Mexican Talavera Planters

As I have mentioned above, look on the classified ads sites as they are a great way of getting stuff for cheaper. If you want something really authentic and straight from Mexico, you could always check out http://www.directfrommexico.com/talavera-pottery--flower-pots.html. They’ve got all kinds of Mexican art on there so it’s a really interesting site and definitely worth a visit if you are into art like me. These things don’t come cheap though brand new so I still think the best way is to go second-hand and maybe see if you can find a bulk buy where a seller just wants to get shot of a big bunch of them. Take a look at some of the pictures I’ve provided. As I said, they vary a lot in size, shape and design so if you look hard enough, you’re sure to find one or two that really catch your eye.

Talavera Birdbath

Other ways to brighten up the Garden

Besides the Talavera planters, I also want to focus on the lighting as at night, this can help bring the garden to life. I’m not sure exactly what lighting to get and how I’m going to present it but it will definitely be mainly solar as this is a lot cheaper and more suitable to an Art Student’s budget. I was thinking that I could just buy some cheap solar lights but then paint them or dress them up a bit somehow so they don’t look as cheap and nasty. You can buy them from the pound shop, the kind with a stake on the end that you jam into the ground. They usually come in black so I’ll probably paint them up with similar colours to the pots so that there’s a Mexican theme throughout. We could then get some wicker furniture which I think will fit in with the theme quite well. I think the lighting may be a bit of trial and error and I might realize that it just doesn’t look right with lots of painted solar lights in the garden. I’ll let you know how I get on a bit later in my blog once I’ve had a chance to explore the different kinds available and what I might be able to do with them.


Painted Solar Lights


Enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll catch you soon my fellow art lovers. By the way, if interior art is more your thing and you’ve missed the previous blog entry ‘crazy for cement’, you may want to check it out as there’s some cool ideas on what to do with cement in the home. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I personally love the cement look.