New Farming Simulator Expansion

Hello all you amazing readers, thank you from coming back here time and time again. Welcome back, to my hobbies and leisure blog. I read something that will make any of you wanting a Bizon instead of a Doble TT’s. Wait, that is none of you? Well this might be pretty cool anyways. A game that has been surprisingly popular in the past couple years is Farming Simulator and this year is no different. Farming Simulator 17 boasts a ‘Very Positive” review rating on Steam, and part of that is how happy the fans are will the numerous models of tractors, combines and harvesters that get added to the game. It seems that now they are getting even more.

For anyone who owns the Platinum Expansion or Platinum Edition, the developers of this realistic simulation game are promising to give players the complete experience. They plan to do this by giving players access to sugarcane farms in new South American areas, as well as introducing new vegetation, railway networks and of course, local bovine. The expansion also adds numerous new vehicles that bring the amount of total vehicles to a whopping two hundred and seventy five, coming from a combined 80 different manufacturers from around the world.

This game is insanely popular, and well loved among its rabid fanbase. It has realistic weather, driving, and crop systems as well as an amazing co-op system. Players have the ability to play in multiplayer lobbies with up to 16 co-op players and also get access to fan made mods so you can extend your farming experience over and over.

Farming Simulator 17