Louis le Brocquy

Welcome back to you all, hope your well. I enjoyed sharing with you in the first post about which galleries I really like in Dublin. The two galleries I mentioned really do encapsulate what Art means to me and it is great to see that their efforts are helping Art to blossom in Dublin. Moving on now to a different story. I wanted this article to be more about the old artists who helped to inspire today’s generation.

A few years ago, we sadly had to say goodbye to arguably Irelands most gifted and highly respected Artist of all time. Louis le Brocquy was 95 when he died so you can only imagine the amount of artwork in his portfolio. He’s been put in the same bracket of contemporary artists such as Francis Bacon and the extremely talented Lucien Freud so that shows you his calibre. He was best known for abstract portraits. He himself was strongly influenced by the great European artists that came before him. His 'Tinker paintings' which focused on the human condition provoked conversation and broke new ground.

His works more often than not clear the €1m mark at auctions which is pretty phenomenal for any artist. His piece ‘A Family’, was purchased by the National Gallery of Ireland for a staggering €2.75m and is the only painting that the Gallery has ever purchased belonging to a living artist.

I’ve loved seeing his work and it’s great to have someone so talented come from our shores. A great man and a great inspiration to the generations that follow him.