Khaled Hosseini

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Today I thought I would talk about one of my favourite writers. His name is Khaled Hosseini an Afghan born novelist who now lives in America. His books introduce readers to life living in Afghanistan and the daily struggles that its citizens have to endure. It is a country torn apart by warfare, dictatorships and harsh cultural and religious regulations but it is also a land full of beauty and heart. He explores individual characters in depth and draws the reader into their lives so that you feel their vulnerability and heart ache. He creates moments of joy and simplicity that juxtapose the harsh confines of living in a world where injustice and inequality are rife. His main focus is either young children or women as he explores a world dominated by misogyny.



I think so often, western thinking fails to grasp the depths at which sexual inequality dominates in middle-eastern society and we often fail to sympathise with these people because of their differing cultural and religious standing. He therefore opens western eyes to the true conflict between personal desire and longing against the expectation of a deeply religious society. He explores how the thoughts, dreams and needs of women are merely discarded at the hand of men and how in order to escape they have to defy every rule and bone in their body. Everything is not so black and white though as Hosseini explores the position of men in society and how they two suffer from the expectation bestowed upon them to act and behave in a certain way. Other themes he touches upon are; the importance of education in escaping ignorance, how easy life is to trade for another, and the lengths we will go to as humans to get what we truly want.