Jazzing-up old Furniture

Hello fellow Art fans, I’ve been away for a little while but now I’m back for another article. Welcome back to Rachel’s Art blog. Has everyone had a good read so far? Hope you enjoyed the article about Louis le Brocquy especially as he was one of my all-time favourite artists so felt compelled to write a piece about his life.

I’ve been busy the last week or so as its been back to University time and I’ve been bedding myself back into my studies. I’m glad to be back there but it always takes a bit of time to get back into the swing of things. I’ve enjoyed the Christmas period as its given me chance to visit a few of my favourite art centres with the other guys on my course.

So forget all that anyway, I’ve now managed to get back to my PC and had a bit of time spare so thought I’d write another article for the blog. I was trying to think about what I could talk about next and that’s when it came to me. I want to talk about jazzing up old furniture around the home with a bit of artistic creativity so that the house doesn’t look so plain and boring. My mom took a bit of winning over initially but now I’m a bit older and she knows I’ve got an artistic eye, she’s much less protective of the furniture and is happy for me to run riot. My dad is pretty laidback and as long as I don’t touch his favourite coffee table, I’m pretty much free to unleash myself on the rest of the house. OK, my parent’s bedroom is out of bounds but that’s fair enough.



Cool Ideas

First-off if you want to jazz up some old furniture, it’s probably best that you don’t go ruining an antique worth thousands. The best furniture to work with is obviously wooden furniture but a wooden antique can be disguised as a piece of junk if It’s in serious need of TLC so don’t just assume it’s worth nothing. If you do have an antique on your hands, then a professional restoration specialist should be the only one touching it. Antiques aside, most people have naff wooden furniture somewhere in the house and it wouldn’t hurt for it to be spruced up a bit. Plain wood that you can sand down and then paint is what I enjoy the most. You can stencil on nice patterns and paint/varnish to the finish you like. In my little sister’s room at home, we’ve managed to turn some white boring wooden drawers and matching wardrobe into a flower fest just by using some stencils and spray paint. My sister helped me and loved getting involved.

If you don’t have anything suitable lying around the house but really want to test your artistic creativity, then maybe buy some cheap second-hand furniture. You can get for real cheap if you look and if you only spend a little bit of cash, then it doesn’t matter what you do to it. Plus, you can always strip it back and start again. I’m an artist so for me, it’s just so much fun. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it the same if you have a go. Try searching old and used furniture for sale with the link I’ve provided and you should find a cheap cupboard or something that you could work on. Just be careful about what materials the furniture is made from as you want to be able to work with it.



How do the Professionals do it?

If you’re after a bit of a creative spark and want an idea of some of the looks you can achieve, then I’d suggest looking online at some of the websites for companies who specialize in artistic furniture. If you’re interested in art & antiques, then there’s no better place to look than the Christies website as they hold auctions all around the world and can tell you everything you need to know about any area within those subjects. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration there too.



It’s amazing how fitting some new draw handles to a set of draws and then painting it with cool effect, can completely transform it. There’s so many directions you can go in. You can go down-right crazy and quirky if that’s what you want or you can turn a tatty piece of furniture into a real centre piece. You can even create a set of matching furniture that didn’t match initially if you want a theme. I’m going to wrap it up there but I hope I’ve inspired you. Let me know if you need any ideas and please share any projects you decide to embark on. See you next time, Rachel.