These 5 Hobbies Will Make You Smarter!

You like to cook or you enjoy your weekends playing computer games? Then I have good news for you! These hobbies aren't just fun, according to the latest scientific research these activities make you smarter.

As a matter of fact, your brain is like muscle. It doesn't matter how you train it, but you have to train it. Every time we learn something new, new neural connections are made within our brain, which makes it work better and faster. This increases our mental performance. So if you are looking for a new hobby which will make you smarter – well here we go.

1. Cooking

Cooking makes you smarter! People who cook regularly and occasionally try new and different dishes, are much more creative. Furthermore, according to scientific research, those people are paying more attention to details and quality. Additionally these hobby-chefs are better at multitasking, are more precise and can make decisions more quickly.


If you are looking for some inspiration, please check out my recent post on the moroccan tagine. The only question is whether eating also makes you smarter...

2. Reading

This is a very common hobby an it is not really surprising that reading makes you smarter. Anyone who reads daily can solve problems much better and thinks more "process-optimized". In addition, scientists have found out that reading reduces stress, boost self-confidence and improves social skills.


But no worries. You do not have to read Franz Kafka. Anything is fine.
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3. Learning a new Language

You always wanted to learn Spanish, Russian or Japanese? Just do it! Multilingual people have much better management skills and therefore are real multitasking experts. Furthermore they are able to perceive their environment much better and asses situations quicker.

Learning a Language

Learning a new language challenges our brain and it will be easier to approach mental challenges. Multilingual people can concentrate much better. They can also solve problems faster and deal much better with difficult tasks. This is an essential skill for every job. So therefore learning a new language is definitely worth it – not just for travelling!

4. Sports

A healthy mind needs a healthy body. So it is really worth doing sports. Because if you are sporty, you are smart! Sport boosts the long-term memory, increases concentration and helps to reduce stress. Another important aspect: whoever moves regularly can also sleep better and thus is more relaxed.

When doing sports, a protein called BDNF is released in the body which not just effects the memory but also learning ability, concentration and comprehension. This is also called "training the mental ingenuity".


This can be any kind of sports like like swimming, running, yoga or sailing. However, some sports have other advantages: team sports such as football, basketball or volleyball increase coordination, fine motor skills and teamwork. Water sports such as windsurfing or canoeing increase ones balance. Or maybe you can try something totally different like LARPing.

5. Playing Computer Games

I bet you are lucky about that one! According to recent studies, playing computer games increases brain activity and cognitive abilities. If you are playing computer games for at least half an hour every day, this will improve your sense of direction as well as your motor skills. You also start to think more strategically. Furthermore computer games contribute to a greater neuroplasticity and thus to a better understanding of (inter-) connections. That makes you solve problems much easier.

Computer Games

Computer games also improve memory and spatial comprehension skills as well eye-hand-coordination. So just grab your computer or PlayStation and get it on!
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