Going Fishing

Hey y’all, welcome back. This here is my hobbies and leisure blog where I talk about all of the crazy things that I get up to during my off time. With the amount of rain we have been having around here lately I would be remiss to not go fishing, so even though I had to buy all new gear I have been spending lots of time on the water. I am a pretty smart fella, so I was able to get most of my supplies from a used good website called http://www.used.forsale/canada and saved enough money that I can keep going out! Now, fishing isn’t exactly a hobby that will make you smarter but it will help with your tranquility and peacefulness. Here are some things you will need to get started.

Fishing Rod

You can actually fish without a fishing rod, but I would not suggest it especially for beginners. I like to go out with a nice spool and reel rod, and my favourite brand is Shakespeare fishing. They offer some real quality poles and reels at great price. An even better price however is the one I got for the used Shakespeare fishing rod that I purchased from http://www.used.forsale/canada/ottawa/shakespeare-fishing-rod. The rod is great; easy to cast and bait and the reel feel sturdy enough to handle a couple bangs around on the dock. The price was even better

Shakespeare fishing rod

Fishing Lures

On one side of fishing is you, on the dock. On the other side is your lure in the water. The lure is what attracts the fish to your line and hopefully makes them take a bite of it and chomping on your hook instead. Some lures may need a little bit of DIY work on them depending on the regulations of the body of water you are in(such as no barbs) but for the most part as soon as you get your lure on the line you are good to go. Some lures work better than others for certain fish, so I recommend a large variety. I bought a whole set of used fishing lures from http://www.used.forsale/canada/vancouver/fishing-lures that are useful for ocean and river fishing, as well as lake fish.

fishing lures


The quintessential part of every fishing trip. Once you get your lure on the line with a bit of nice bait on it and cast it out into the water, you are ready for the next step. Take a nice cold beer out of the eskie, shake any ice and water off and then crack it open. Enjoy the smooth taste as you hold the fishing rod waiting for the slightest bit of movement. See, fishing is actually pretty easy, especially if you remember this last step. If you guys enjoyed this post then check out one of my previous articles, and don’t forget to put us in your favourites section of your browser so you never miss a new post.

Beer and Fish