Crazy for Cement

Hello everyone, I hope you are well and I would just like to thank you all for coming back to my blog. I have been so busy recently but decided I needed to take a time out and fill you in on what’s been happening. I am not sure if I have mentioned before how much I love interior design. I guess my home is an expression of who I am and try to explore my love for art with the pieces that I buy for my home. I have lots of random items that I have collected from my travels which I want to use as inspiration for my next project. Because I love interior design I am always researching new concepts and design ideas and I am always trying new styles in my home. That being said, these are only little touches, I have never had a complete over haul of my living space so I have decided it was about time I made some bigger changes.

I want to create a space that is... inviting and comfortable but also extremely visually complex.  I want my house to be an eclectic mix with harsh modern lines, dark greys and blacks with a strong industrial edge. I would like to break this up with antique and vintage pieces so that the heavy wood contrasts against the modern background. I would then like to use some warm colours to break away from the dark, allowing the items I have collected to stand out.  

I wanted to use this blog entry as a way to collect all of my thoughts and ideas in one place and to get some inspiration and advice from you guys as well. If you would like to see more design ideas like the ones I am going to show you or need any design inspiration at all then I can definitely recommend this home interiors website.


 What I love about this is how they have painted the walls white so that everything in the foreground stands out. I love the random mix of items from the old to the new. Using every day mundane objects to create intrigue, texture and playfulness is such a clever idea and something I would definitely like to adhere to.



What I like here is the texture of the furniture and the simple lines that they have created. There is a sense of old and sporadic but with a touch of modern with the black, hard lines of the coffee table. I love the pigeon hole filing cabinet in the background as well which really stands out in the sense that they have taken an old style of furniture but used metal to bring it in to the modern age.


There are so many different textures in this design. The exposed brick, white walls, unusual roofing and lots of wood make this a really contrasting space. They have made sure to use the wood throughout though which gives the space a sense of consistency and normality which makes the space extremely warm and inviting.


Now this I love! Lots of soft whites, wood and textures set against the harshness of the dark wall and flooring. This picture pretty much sums up the effect I would like to create. It is about texture and contrast primarily, balancing the extremely hard and modern with touches of warmth. I also love how they have used the wall to display their art work, grouping it all together like that is a bold statement and really makes it stand out. I have been looking at ways to create this effect in my own home and would really like to have one feature wall in my living space like the one displayed in the picture above. I am not sure whether to also use this effect for the flooring as well although it may be nice to contrast this with wood. Anyway, I have been reading about how to recreate this look and it seems the best and most effective way is to use cement.  It is truly amazing how using a mundane and basic material like cement can really create something that looks both powerful and bold.

Designers are popping up all over the place using cement in their work from lighting, to furniture, to tiling, there really is no limit to what this versatile material can be used for. 



So how do I actually create this concrete effect myself? Well I have decided that If I want to make some big changes in my home then it will be worthwhile investing in some decent equipment so I have therefore decided to find a cement mixer for sale. I can then use the cement mixer for sale that I find for any building jobs I decide to undertake in my home and of course for the cement wall I would like to create. It seems easy enough to use one from the online instructions I have read and once you have created the cement mixture you just need to prep your wall with primer allow it to dry and then apply the cement with a trowel. You have to be quick here because the cement dries quickly so you need to allow time to smooth it over. That being said I think the beauty of a cement wall is that it can appear rough and ready without looking like it hasn’t been done properly, I think the unfinished effect is quite cool. So if you guys have any advice on finding a decent cement mixer for sale or have any tips at all on the design ideas and concepts I have mentioned then please let me know!