Art Galleries in Dublin

As I’m a Dubliner through and through as well as studying here at the moment, I thought it right to mention some of the best galleries to visit in Dublin if you’re a bit of an Art’s buff like me. There’s lots of galleries to choose from and I’ve still not made it around to all of them but I definitely have my favourites and the one’s I’ve mentioned in-particular, really show what the Art movement is all about and how art brings people together.

Basic Space

This is maybe my favourite as I love what they’re doing here and what they Stand for. Basically a group of 5 Artists all joined forces and established Basic Space. Their current premises is like a kind of converted Sports Centre or something that’s now been turned into a really cool studio and workshop. Any artists who show ability, willingness to put in the work and who get on-board with their concept of share and help inspire, will be able to look at getting cheap office space. You could really be part of something special here. Non-commercial and a great community style project, great respect for these guys.

Block T

Again, I have huge respect for the guys who created this studio and project. They bunched together out of College, set about renovating an old disused Warehouse and made it into somewhere that now houses 70 individual little studio units. Art has now had a huge impact on the surrounding area and many young people who may not have ever got involved in Art, have now got involved. The area of Smithfield is becoming a really creative area of Dublin thanks to them starting things off. They’re currently constructing a new gallery that will show artwork for budding new artists.