Art in Ireland.

Hello again! So as you know I am from Dublin and love art. Well I thought it would be nice to talk a little about art in Ireland. The Irish countryside has inspired many artists over the years but I doubt many people are really that aware of the broad history and culture of art in Ireland.



Art in Ireland can be traced back to early carvings found at sites like Newgrange. This then developed into religious carvings and illuminated manuscripts from the medieval period. During the 19th and 20th century painting became emerged as a popular pass time and produced such artists as John Butler Yeats, William Orpen and Jack Yeats.

Irelands best known artists who have made waves all around the world in the artistic movement are the likes of Brian O’Doherty, an art historian, sculptor and conceptual artist who is now based in New York. Sean Scully who also resides in New York is an abstract painter, as well as James Coleman, a video artist. These are but just a few of the many artists who are painting (excuse the pun) Ireland on the map. I believe that above all, art is an important platform for expression, cultural freedom and change. In a country such as Ireland where there is powerful religious and political unrest, art becomes a movement and a voice for society.

Brian O’Doherty became a for runner for this ideal in which as a protest to the Bloody Sunday killings he changed his artistic identity and began working under the name Patrick Ireland. It was only once peace was restored in his country that he was prepared to change his name back.

In turn, interest in Irish art has grown rapidly over recent years and has become highly sort after and collectable. Unfortunately, support for young Irish artists is still not as mainstream as it could be.